Motion Project Process

Last Friday in ICE,our team were shooting dancing, whihc is a movation filming.

My group members are Yubo, Zhejun, Xinyu, Me, Jacorb, Yuchuan

The progress last for more than 1 hour, I think.

Our dancer is a ballet dancer, she played classic music, dancing slow and gentle. She performanced the Lion King and the Nutcracker. We lend slide rail for steady, cut in and out.

For a movation filming is perfect. This suppose to be an expermental of learning use isadora to post edit with different effects in a live stream, which remind me of DADA, one of our classmate filmed somebody dancing in a small room and edit to created double even triple shadows.

I have tried a few effcets to make it abstract, didn’t remember to take a photo as it’s not look so called ‘beautiful’. ‘Cause I wanted to keep mine clear and simple.

I used pink colour and deep blue, more like purple, to make the difference between main body and its shadow, with perspectivity, to see lining and body movation.

The light shadow is bigger, and the main part of the real body is in standard size.



Dancing footage

Individual ver.



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