Final Project Ideas


1. Cantonese Morning tea in Guangzhou

Morning tea is a cantonese tradition. It’s a historic custom and the most popular activity for cantonese, it can be tracked back a hundred years to the Qing Dynasty. It becomes on e of the special ways for cantonese maintain a relationship and communicate with each other. Nowadays, mostly elders keep having cantonese morning tea everyday.

Documentary film, aside speak, short interviews, with pre-recording and post sound effects.

In Guangzhou old streets, some old famous restaurants.


2. Chinese immigrant in UK

Different culture, ideology, behaviour influence.

There’re many immigrants now stay in Great Britain, but it doesn’t mean they completely get into British lifestyle, or get on well with local neighbours. Meanwhile, their inside ideology show they still thinking in traditional Chinese mentality, even they behave, live as same as a normal British citizen.

Documentary film, aside speak, short interviews, old pics, pre-recording and post sound effects (if need).

In Birmingham/Coventry.


3. Music

A music festival isn’t simply define as a ”event”, is more than music, and more behind the stage.

Points may include:

(Policy), history, story, experience, system,cost, purpose?

People?(sponsor, bands, staff team, fans, normal music listeners etc.)


4. Old Streets in China




My reference of filming documentary:


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