PlanB’ Proposal

Subject: what is it about and who is in it?

A documentary about music festivals based on UK. A music festival isn’t simply define as a ”event”, is more than music, and more behind the stage. People go for listening good music or for having fun, and happen things. Things happen everyday, what happen on a music festival can be interesting, simply as it rains.

My understanding about join a music festival is to release something deep inside people’s own mind, relieve their feelings through those live band performance. I want to discover difference among some music-loved people. While they are talking about themselves, their story begin. Besides, documentary is to record truth, like a conversation, a man or woman doing something during the festival, people can shout, cry, scream, they don’t act like in their daily life, well maybe some of them do. In my camera it may becomes ”observation”. 

Got some last year pictures from one called Samphire Festival. It was a “health” activity as shown on these photos.


The point of a wild music festival can be a lot, camping should be included.



Style: the approach of the film – what style, mode or visuals do you have in mind? What is the audio soundscape?

Examples down below. Woodstock is one of the huge famous music festival from USA, the film happened in 1970. The mode of my documentary might be refer to its style. The director seems prefer cutting 2 or 3 scenes that in different shooting angles and montage together, also sometimes put in background music. Which is a bit complex for me, so I will get rid of background music, try not to insert some music unless it’s too noisy for the film. It would be kind of rough. Also, I need colourful, it will make it look better on visual, but I think mostly depends on sun light.


Schedule: when and where will it be filmed?

(Focus on one or two, choices down below)

July 7-9 Samphire-Porlock Hill

July 6-9 Noisily-Leicester

July 14-15 Lovebox-London

July 13-16 Latitude-Southwold

July 13-15 Farr-Baldock

July 28-29 Farmfest-Somerset


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