Final Project process


I have been to Lychee Bay before, but only once. Lychee Bay located on Sai Kwan, it is the place now people called “Liwan district”. Sai Kwan  is famous for its delicious dishes. As a old saying: Eating in Guangzhou, Taste in Xi Guan(Sai Kwan).

Panxi restaurant was first built in 1974, near Liwan lake, with five streams around, one called Panxi, later the small house got a name “Panxi”.

Panxi has outdoor ecological garden, rockery, koi fish in pond, half island-restaurant on the middle of the lake, two inside dining hall.


Rockery and pond.

It was excited to go to Panxi resrtaurant again, I like to sit there and listen to the noise people talking, bowls and chopsticks clink,sound of pouring tea, sound of waiters wheeled the trolley down. To be honest, I wouldn’t say the “morning tea” in Panxi are the best, ’cause there’re no “best” but “better”. Months ago I went to another Cantonese restaurant in Tianhe district, at first I though they got excellent “tea food” and comfortable surroundings, so that might be a reason what made me prefer that new restaurant. However, Panxi got a long histroy and it’s kind of “feet on the ground” (means local and native). It becomes a sightseeing view for strangers, even foreigners.

The specialist of Panxi must be its hanging red lamps from the eaves, beautiful antique ornaments, made the rooms got a baronial feel, with oak paneling and mahogany (redwood) sofas or chairs, never the last, special cuisine.



It’s always line up outside the restaurant, inside, some people sit and also waiting. Customers keep coming during the filming, most of them are family, with children and grandparents.


Way to dinning hall, need to walk through a long hallway. Some VIP rooms beside, but none of those family will choose VIP room for a normal “morning tea” or “afternoon tea”.


This VIP room named Phoneix, Phoneix has good meanin in Chinese traditional fairy tales. On the wall hanging plaques about Panxi’s honors.


Koi fish, Tortoise and Snake, those are animals can bring good luck and wishes. Tortoise and Snake means live long life and never grow old.





Tortoise and Snake blessing, god will make wishes come true.

Tortoise and Snake are






These are the camera I used. Borrowed a Sony DV camera, it has HD quality, small and convinent for hand shooting.



The first day of my project filming should be July 16th. In Guangzhou now is the hottest season over a year, ought to Guangzhou is always being hot, I still get worry about the weather.

I do not good at filming in beautiful colour tone, and in my plan the sky would be bright white and does not look good as my imagine.

I was worried while I shooting those citizens, or tourists. There’re so many people walked passing by, and I do not get their permission about shooting them.




Lychee Bay Stage, on the other side of the road near Lychee river, opposite BanXi restaurant.

The team was a group of elders, they were Yue Opera lovers, everyday afternoon the Lychee Bay Stage open for free performance, started 2:30pm till 5:30pm. Orchestra seat on the both side.


Big logo of Pan Xi Restaurant. It used to be red, but now its colour faded.


People waiting outside BanXi restaurant for a traditional Guangzhou ‘dimsum’ meal.



It’s not the day after July 16th, temperature goes up to 30 centigrade, can’t stand in UK, not even in Guangzhou. I stayed at home for 2 days to check out those film material, and reconsider about the possibility of full shot, night view shooting,



Canon 70D





Sigh of Bao Hua Road, the other street behind Lychee Bay Stage.


Chen Tian’s, traditional local Cantonese snacks. Shown in my film.



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