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Final Project process


I have been to Lychee Bay before, but only once. Lychee Bay located on Sai Kwan, it is the place now people called “Liwan district”. Sai Kwan  is famous for its delicious dishes. As a old saying: Eating in Guangzhou, Taste in Xi Guan(Sai Kwan).

Panxi restaurant was first built in 1974, near Liwan lake, with five streams around, one called Panxi, later the small house got a name “Panxi”.

Panxi has outdoor ecological garden, rockery, koi fish in pond, half island-restaurant on the middle of the lake, two dining hall.




These are the camera I used. Borrowed a Sony DV camera, it has HD quality, small and convinent for hand shooting.



The first day of my project filming should be July 16th. In Guangzhou now is the hottest season over a year, ought to Guangzhou is always being hot, I still get worry about the weather.

I do not good at filming in beautiful colour tone, and in my plan the sky would be bright white and does not look good as my imagine.

I was worried while I shooting those citizens, or tourists. There’re so many people walked passing by, and I do not get their permission about shooting them.




Lychee Bay Stage, on the other side of the road near Lychee river, opposite BanXi restaurant.

The team was a group of elders, they were Yue Opera lovers, everyday afternoon the Lychee Bay Stage open for free performance, started 2:30pm till 5:30pm. Orchestra seat on the both side.


Big logo of Pan Xi Restaurant. It used to be red, but now its colour faded.


People waiting outside BanXi restaurant for a traditional Guangzhou ‘dimsum’ meal.



It’s not the day after July 16th, temperature goes up to 30 centigrade, can’t stand in UK, not even in Guangzhou. I stayed at home for 2 days to check out those film material, and reconsider about the possibility



Canon 70D







Sigh of Bao Hua Road, the other street behind Lychee Bay Stage.




PlanB’ Proposal

Subject: what is it about and who is in it?

A documentary about music festivals based on UK. A music festival isn’t simply define as a ”event”, is more than music, and more behind the stage. People go for listening good music or for having fun, and happen things. Things happen everyday, what happen on a music festival can be interesting, simply as it rains.

My understanding about join a music festival is to release something deep inside people’s own mind, relieve their feelings through those live band performance. I want to discover difference among some music-loved people. While they are talking about themselves, their story begin. Besides, documentary is to record truth, like a conversation, a man or woman doing something during the festival, people can shout, cry, scream, they don’t act like in their daily life, well maybe some of them do. In my camera it may becomes ”observation”. 

Got some last year pictures from one called Samphire Festival. It was a “health” activity as shown on these photos.


The point of a wild music festival can be a lot, camping should be included.



Style: the approach of the film – what style, mode or visuals do you have in mind? What is the audio soundscape?

Examples down below. Woodstock is one of the huge famous music festival from USA, the film happened in 1970. The mode of my documentary might be refer to its style. The director seems prefer cutting 2 or 3 scenes that in different shooting angles and montage together, also sometimes put in background music. Which is a bit complex for me, so I will get rid of background music, try not to insert some music unless it’s too noisy for the film. It would be kind of rough. Also, I need colourful, it will make it look better on visual, but I think mostly depends on sun light.


Schedule: when and where will it be filmed?

(Focus on one or two, choices down below)

July 7-9 Samphire-Porlock Hill

July 6-9 Noisily-Leicester

July 14-15 Lovebox-London

July 13-16 Latitude-Southwold

July 13-15 Farr-Baldock

July 28-29 Farmfest-Somerset

Final Project Ideas


1. Cantonese Morning tea in Guangzhou

Morning tea is a cantonese tradition. It’s a historic custom and the most popular activity for cantonese, it can be tracked back a hundred years to the Qing Dynasty. It becomes on e of the special ways for cantonese maintain a relationship and communicate with each other. Nowadays, mostly elders keep having cantonese morning tea everyday.

Documentary film, aside speak, short interviews, with pre-recording and post sound effects.

In Guangzhou old streets, some old famous restaurants.


2. Chinese immigrant in UK

Different culture, ideology, behaviour influence.

There’re many immigrants now stay in Great Britain, but it doesn’t mean they completely get into British lifestyle, or get on well with local neighbours. Meanwhile, their inside ideology show they still thinking in traditional Chinese mentality, even they behave, live as same as a normal British citizen.

Documentary film, aside speak, short interviews, old pics, pre-recording and post sound effects (if need).

In Birmingham/Coventry.


3. Music

A music festival isn’t simply define as a ”event”, is more than music, and more behind the stage.

Points may include:

(Policy), history, story, experience, system,cost, purpose?

People?(sponsor, bands, staff team, fans, normal music listeners etc.)


4. Old Streets in China




My reference of filming documentary:

London Art Trip

Last Thursday (Oct 13) we went to Tate Modern Exhibition where in London, Bankside.

img_20161013_130330This got nice light effect when the circle spining, it looks shiny.


img_20161017_222105In these pictures I think the artist is trying to deduce historic buildings through took similiar photos for them in same  camera angles and piece them into different combination, and created images like some kind of graphic reasoning mathematical exercises.


img_20161013_134431A group of small television playing the same tape, the middle of the image was the biggest one, in the first sight people might consider it’s a big screen but it’s not.It was dark and I was in a hurry, can’t see clearly what those things in the front and don’t know what was this gay here doing. The interesting thing is that the colour showed differently in every televisons.


IMG_20161017_222044.jpgAnd this painting looks like the mathematical diagram in my high school lessons.


After that we went to St Paul Cathedral:

IMG_20161013_164724.jpgFor the Bill Viola’s art work: Martyrs and Mary.

Martyrs for four artics performed earth, air, fire and water, shows pain, suffer, and death.

Mary tells birth and live, in my opinion.


Although I can not get the meaning right of those art works, I learned how to express story and make effect in colour or light for photos.