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Rassay Trip

Rassay is the name of the house we lived during our skye trip. This island has cold weather, crazy wind and poor signal.


We took more than 10 hours to get there, transfer different transport: plane, steamship, train and minibus.

Instead, Rassay house commanded a splendid view of skye.




The first day: two local Scottish artist lead us to the beach where just under behind Rassay house, to do our own painting from “marking” natural: wind and stones, with charcoal crayon.

They asked us not to take photo, it’s really cold, I think we were pushed by the strong wind while walking down the ghat. Sunshine lighten up the choppy sea, it looks beautiful.



In the afternoon Ken and Nick lead us to a forest. We need to build something.


I was thinking about “been trapped”, so I pick up these pine cones inside the fence I made.


Late afternoon view in the otherside of the sea, we were walking through the forest, followed ken.


Second day: we wen to beach again for another artistic creation. We were allowed to use charcoal crayon, stones, and everything belongs to the beach for our personal work.

I put three similar stones in a row and watch it flooding by the rising tide. When I was filming sea wave I saw a eagle flying across sky, it appeared in my Poetic Project film experiment.



Here comes the best memories I got in skye trip: the motor boat.

Nick is a good captain, we were screaming during the boat speding on the sea. I got good materials of filming a old dock, waving sea and many others. And I took the motor boat again in the last day, it’s like completly drop off everything in the brain and think nothing just enjoy and feel it. After 5 days close to natural, I consider myself sublimated into a higher state of consciousness, of course I learnt a lot. No mention to some accident happened in the last day but I do telling myself be more careful, in everything.




Rassay experiment

I use the video filming on the seaside in the afternoon while we were doing our personal “painting” with stones, branches, and the beach.


I cut the video and audio in its normal speed as a short draft, the first part of the video.

However I was facing a problem, Premiere CS3 cannot read the audio track in a original camera format file. So there’s no sound when I started to edit it.

I tried find something in the Adobe software set but helpless. Then I google format factory wanna download it for transfer, but the network speed was terrible.

After a few minutes spend time in google what can I do, I search “mp4 to rm convert” on the internet and finally get a clue. So I convert materials in different free convert website, turning MTS format into MP4. Still, can’t read the audio in CS3, fortunately, Adobe Audition in that computer works, so I leading-in all my MP4 matierials and convert again, laterly I got all the MP3 files I need.

It was busy doing this but I think I learn alot. Obviously I don’t know why CS3 cannot read the audio in MTS format but the way I solve my problem is the best resolvent for me to figure out.



I fade in and out, while these two different videos were combine.

The first part I wanted to show the natural scene of Rassay, eagle flying, tide rushing in, covering the wet sand, sea grass flowing. Same as the audio, picture and sound is synchronous.

The second part, picture seems not necessary, audio from cars, birds, winds. I remapped the time, I decelerated it. You can only see water waves, instead of simple images, can focus on listen and feel it. And I volume up.


The audio would be a bit odd if it pitching-in another one such quickly, also the atmosphere is certainly created by different creatures, I left them a short gap.


Here’s the full version:



Zero Project Submission


It’s a non-cut edition.

Actually this wasn’t my first video.

I was going to film a mid-aged lady outside pitching with her friends selling self-cooked food. They were doing an event called “Mum’s Kitchen” in Coventry Uni.

Later, because of my poor laptop I can not use the Premiere Pro CC, then I used a software called Power Director, it’s terrible.


Here are my first choice video for Zero Project, with my final remedy.



Also I got another video about the selling flower man with cutting:


M100 Sound Project Submission

I have got more than 20 sounds in my “sound library”, then I choose 10 of them to edit my piece.

First of all I made the double step like drumbeat by the foot step I recorded in IKON, Birmingham.

I want to make my piece sound like a song.

I listen to some rock songs I like, and find the start of them are always in 8-10 seconds, so I put the wind and door closing as a “signal finding” effect, in the first 8 seconds in my piece. However I think it might be a little bit monotonously and soft.

I want it to be rhythmic so I repeated some part of the foot step then it became kinda chorus of the piece. Same as another mix.