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A new idea inspired by Maya Deren’s film which Ken put on the course blog, included her saying about cinema task, I would like to mention here:

The task of cinema or any other art form is not to translate hidden messages of the unconscious soul into art but to experiment with the effects contemporary technical devices have on nerves, minds, or souls.

In the past time during my own filming project production, I was paying too many attentions on express things, whatever they suppose to be feeling or thinking. Then It comes to another question: are those films always do the leading job communicate to audience with directors’ personal ideology?


Subject: what is it about and who is in it?

Morning tea is a cantonese tradition. It’s a historic custom and the most popular activity for cantonese, it can be tracked back a hundred years to the Qing Dynasty. It becomes on e of the special ways for cantonese maintain a relationship and communicate with each other. Nowadays, mostly elders keep having cantonese morning tea everyday.

(Banxi Restaurant is a old classic cantonese restaurant, it is famous of Guangzhou traditional morning tea——dim sum)

And I find a documentary here, they went to Banxi restaurant and go interview the manager, cook, guests, filmed by Nan Ning TV.

Morning tea cannot be the only stand for Guangzhou delicious food. You can always discover something new from snack streets, or a non five star look eating house.

It looks ugly but taste really good.

Sooner, I find something more interesting. It can sometimes be surprised when watching someone doing something, his or her own stuff. Imagine a man who just came out of a café, his outfit today, his face shows his mood, his walking speed shows his mood, either. My point of view is, stories happen on people, when they talking, they are likely saying their own life. With a camera behind, record the moment, then display. Morning tea more like a medi-event, I can say it’s part of social life.

Instead of just filming people sitting in the restaurant and drinking tea, having conversations, as normal as their every single daily life, I will not pay attention to mention those back ground history about the tea, the dim sums, so I think better not doing interview. I don’t want it related to culture but human beings.


Style: the approach of the film – what style, mode or visuals do you have in mind? What is the audio soundscape?

It’s an experimental documentary film, aside speak maybe, short interviews maybe, loud but no noisy background music, with pre-recording and post sound effects. As it is experimental, some different visual angle or weird will include. While producing, I would like to cut 2 or 3 scenes that in different shooting angles and use montage to combine them together.

This film aims to citizens’ lifestyle, and observe them. Sounds like surveillance, which is the second topic appeared in course project. Compare to that, I’m trying not to make it something nervous, the tone should be delight. Hopefully, if lucky enough, there will be nice sunshine and beautiful views.

Examples below.

Tempo is a an experimental film about a regular day in Montreal. Specifically putting the accent on the hyper consuming society, Tempo questions us about our habits and ways to live in our time with ecosystem problems-related. by the filming crew.



Schedule: when and where will it be filmed?

In Guangzhou old streets, some old famous restaurants.

PlanB’ Proposal

Subject: what is it about and who is in it?

A documentary about music festivals based on UK. A music festival isn’t simply define as a ”event”, is more than music, and more behind the stage. People go for listening good music or for having fun, and happen things. Things happen everyday, what happen on a music festival can be interesting, simply as it rains.

My understanding about join a music festival is to release something deep inside people’s own mind, relieve their feelings through those live band performance. I want to discover difference among some music-loved people. While they are talking about themselves, their story begin. Besides, documentary is to record truth, like a conversation, a man or woman doing something during the festival, people can shout, cry, scream, they don’t act like in their daily life, well maybe some of them do. In my camera it may becomes ”observation”. 

Got some last year pictures from one called Samphire Festival. It was a “health” activity as shown on these photos.


The point of a wild music festival can be a lot, camping should be included.



Style: the approach of the film – what style, mode or visuals do you have in mind? What is the audio soundscape?

Examples down below. Woodstock is one of the huge famous music festival from USA, the film happened in 1970. The mode of my documentary might be refer to its style. The director seems prefer cutting 2 or 3 scenes that in different shooting angles and montage together, also sometimes put in background music. Which is a bit complex for me, so I will get rid of background music, try not to insert some music unless it’s too noisy for the film. It would be kind of rough. Also, I need colourful, it will make it look better on visual, but I think mostly depends on sun light.


Schedule: when and where will it be filmed?

(Focus on one or two, choices down below)

July 7-9 Samphire-Porlock Hill

July 6-9 Noisily-Leicester

July 14-15 Lovebox-London

July 13-16 Latitude-Southwold

July 13-15 Farr-Baldock

July 28-29 Farmfest-Somerset

Final Project Ideas


1. Cantonese Morning tea in Guangzhou

Morning tea is a cantonese tradition. It’s a historic custom and the most popular activity for cantonese, it can be tracked back a hundred years to the Qing Dynasty. It becomes on e of the special ways for cantonese maintain a relationship and communicate with each other. Nowadays, mostly elders keep having cantonese morning tea everyday.

Documentary film, aside speak, short interviews, with pre-recording and post sound effects.

In Guangzhou old streets, some old famous restaurants.


2. Chinese immigrant in UK

Different culture, ideology, behaviour influence.

There’re many immigrants now stay in Great Britain, but it doesn’t mean they completely get into British lifestyle, or get on well with local neighbours. Meanwhile, their inside ideology show they still thinking in traditional Chinese mentality, even they behave, live as same as a normal British citizen.

Documentary film, aside speak, short interviews, old pics, pre-recording and post sound effects (if need).

In Birmingham/Coventry.


3. Music

A music festival isn’t simply define as a ”event”, is more than music, and more behind the stage.

Points may include:

(Policy), history, story, experience, system,cost, purpose?

People?(sponsor, bands, staff team, fans, normal music listeners etc.)


4. Old Streets in China




My reference of filming documentary:

Rassay Trip

Rassay is the name of the house we lived during our skye trip. This island has cold weather, crazy wind and poor signal.


We took more than 10 hours to get there, transfer different transport: plane, steamship, train and minibus.

Instead, Rassay house commanded a splendid view of skye.




The first day: two local Scottish artist lead us to the beach where just under behind Rassay house, to do our own painting from “marking” natural: wind and stones, with charcoal crayon.

They asked us not to take photo, it’s really cold, I think we were pushed by the strong wind while walking down the ghat. Sunshine lighten up the choppy sea, it looks beautiful.



In the afternoon Ken and Nick lead us to a forest. We need to build something.


I was thinking about “been trapped”, so I pick up these pine cones inside the fence I made.


Late afternoon view in the otherside of the sea, we were walking through the forest, followed ken.


Second day: we wen to beach again for another artistic creation. We were allowed to use charcoal crayon, stones, and everything belongs to the beach for our personal work.

I put three similar stones in a row and watch it flooding by the rising tide. When I was filming sea wave I saw a eagle flying across sky, it appeared in my Poetic Project film experiment.



Here comes the best memories I got in skye trip: the motor boat.

Nick is a good captain, we were screaming during the boat speding on the sea. I got good materials of filming a old dock, waving sea and many others. And I took the motor boat again in the last day, it’s like completly drop off everything in the brain and think nothing just enjoy and feel it. After 5 days close to natural, I consider myself sublimated into a higher state of consciousness, of course I learnt a lot. No mention to some accident happened in the last day but I do telling myself be more careful, in everything.



Drama filming process

It’s my first drama project, and first team drama filming.

Drama was a strange thing, to me. I have heard drama for hundred times but do not really get to know it. So that should be the reason it made me so excited and nervous…to film a drama.

First Cliff introduced ‘open world’, a term of video games, which for player is given considerable freedom through a virtual world, and fictitious main stories, rules, as survive in the world. Knowable open world games include Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Assassin’s Creed or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The open world lead us to the imagination. For creating a world view in mind for story background, it needs rich imagination and creativity.

The most important thing is your idea. As Cliff said, many of those stories base on a boy meets a girl and then they fall in love, and truly it does, simple love story can always be attractive, it’s like chemical reaction. Even some great films cannot do without love line, whether they were obscure or obvious. For example, Titanic, Wuthering Heights, Gone with the Wind. And yes films like Titanic are adapted by the true shipwreck incident, Wuthering Heights got its original fiction.

We had lots of great scripts, we only choice one of more than 10 scripts and spilt to two groups shoot two versions.

At last we decided to film our class mate Luca’s story. He named his script a beautiful name, ‘A promise’, the story talking about a young man who lost his father, after that, he didn’t talk for years until he meet a girl and they fell in love, at the end of the story, he finally said a word. I consider Luca’s story as a feature love story, the point is: because of falling love with that girl, they having a baby, and suddenly this boy who grew to a young father, understand the feeling of his dead father.

To be honestly, everyone would feel much more satisfied if their own script been used. Our group met some small divergence while we are starting in progress, it’s hard to keep clam but I told myself to do so, it’s not easy but for good or not, we went through the day.


My role in our group is the ‘continuity girl’, I stayed with clap all the time. Tianqi acted director during the whole shooting process, Tianqi and Shu, Jiwang stayed up late discuss how to create our ‘a promise’ film. Zhejun and Tianqi shoot most of the time, me and Jiaqi were always be with them, so do our leading actors.

We have been to Birmingham for view finding, tried to find something different from Coventry such as flower shop, book store, café. We spent a week to filmed, every day we wake up early in the morning while the sky just bright white, went back home late at night, it’s tough, but I think I enjoyed the working time. It’s like my first experience of shooting a direct real film.

We finished the shooing as fast as possible, we got limited resource, (we were trying not to stay in the same place where the other group had filmed on) and director decided not to find a real baby for the last scene, we were worry at that time, luckily they think over a better idea. And so far, it’s not bad.

In the next two weeks is our post production time. And just the day before yesterday I saw the completed film. It ended in a hurry, you can’t say it’s perfect, actually I believe it could improve. For the reason of some group member get personal emotions, they argued about editing and synthesizing, and we got some technical matters, group members’ personal time management problem as well.

Things getting worse if somebody decide to let himself/herself to be an assistant, and take less care about the progress, only urge the others, it does not help at all.

There are something that I need to say: we are lack of scenery shots for transition effect, it’s a pity. Without scenery shots we might not be able to construct the situation for a artistry feature story;

Car crash is the second difficult scene for shooting. At first we can’t even borrow a car, later Zhejun got her friend who just free to drive, what a great news? That afternoon we got nice weather and warm sunshine, and photographers got good scenes. Everything was just right.

Film clip is composed of a series of lens according to certain rules of the art of editing work, therefore, lens language would be the foundation of script writing. Clearly we did not do very well, and we need a long way to go, either from teamwork or technical function. I’m not sure if I will get another chance in the future, but I can now hope and learn more from now on.

It’s the end of the module, but would not be the end of my studying. Thanks for this unforgettable memory, I’m now become interested and curious in film shooting, script writing, and post production.



Doing make up for our leading man.


The boy and the girl meet, finally. And you can see other team members on the picture, filming this important shot.



The key of the story: rose, white rose, on black under colour.

Motion Project Process

Last Friday in ICE,our team were shooting dancing, whihc is a movation filming.

My group members are Yubo, Zhejun, Xinyu, Me, Jacorb, Yuchuan

The progress last for more than 1 hour, I think.

Our dancer is a ballet dancer, she played classic music, dancing slow and gentle. She performanced the Lion King and the Nutcracker. We lend slide rail for steady, cut in and out.

For a movation filming is perfect. This suppose to be an expermental of learning use isadora to post edit with different effects in a live stream, which remind me of DADA, one of our classmate filmed somebody dancing in a small room and edit to created double even triple shadows.

I have tried a few effcets to make it abstract, didn’t remember to take a photo as it’s not look so called ‘beautiful’. ‘Cause I wanted to keep mine clear and simple.

I used pink colour and deep blue, more like purple, to make the difference between main body and its shadow, with perspectivity, to see lining and body movation.

The light shadow is bigger, and the main part of the real body is in standard size.



Dancing footage

Individual ver.